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About Karachi Capital of Sindh


About Karachi Capital of Sindh

Karachi is the largest city, in Sindh, Pakistan. Sindh province capital is Karachi. Karachi is the first capital of Pakistan in 1958. After that, Islamabad was declared as a Capital of Pakistan.  Karachi is recognized as the city of lights. On the other hand, other words, we can Karachi is called the City of Lights. There are about 17 Million people lived in Karachi. Karachi is the world’s second most settled city; it is range over 3,530 square kilometers.

Karachi is the largest city

Karachi is the largest city among the Muslim World. It is the 4th (fourth) largest metropolitan area in the World. Karachi is one of the fastest rising cities in the world. It is Pakistan’s primer center of Banking industries and trade. Karachi has more than 26 Universities, including the University of Karachi. The founder of Pakistan Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Tomb in the this city (Karachi).

History of About Karachi Capital of Sindh

Frist the name of Karachi was “Mai Kola chi: or other words also it is called the Mai Kola chi Jo Goth. Basically, it Sindhi and Baloch tribes from Makan and Baluchistan. It is small fishing community they are still lived in the area of Abdullah Shah. Which located nar the Karachi port

Elphinstone Street in 1930


During the period of the rule of the Mughal administrator of Sindh, Mirza Ghazi, the city was well invigorated against Portuguese colonial intrusions in Sindh. During the control of the Kalhra Dynasty, the current city underway life as a fishing reimbursement when a Sindhi Balochi woman called Mai Kola chi took up house and started a family. The city was an integral part of the Talpur family in 1720.

More history about About Karachi Capital of Sindh

The village that later developed out of this settlement was known as Kola chi-jo-Goth (Village of Kola chi in Sindhi). By the late 1720s, the village was exchange across the Arabian Sea with Muscat and the Persian Gulf area. The local Sindhi public constructed a small fort that is for the shield of the city, armed with cannons imported by Sindhi sailors from Muscat, Oman. The fort had two key entries: one in front of the sea, known as Khara Dar (Door) (Brackish Entry) (Khardar) and the other in front of the Lyri River known as the Meetha Darwaaza (Sweet Gate) (Mithadar). The location of these gates parallel to the modern areas of Kharadar (Khārā Dar) and Mithdar (Mīṭhā Dar).


 Karachi is the economic and profitable capital of Pakistan. Because of it has two major ports and the country’s biggest metropolis, its accounts. The higher Revenue collected from Karachi, Sindh includes revenue from some other areas.

Karachi’s, Sindh support to Pakistan’s industrial sector amounts to around 30 percent. Sindh is large part gross national product (GDP) is attributed to Karachi, Sindh (the GDP of Sindh as a percentage of Pakistan’s total GDP has usually hovered around 28%-30%;

Karachi Operating Multinational Corporation

Karachi Operating Multinational Corporation
Karachi Operating Multinational Corporation

The major foreign multinational corporations, companies operating in the Karachi, Sindh city. Multinational companies Head office located in the Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan have their headquarters in Karachi, Sindh. The Karachi Stock Exchange is one of the largest stock exchanges in Pakistan; it is also in the Karachi capital of Sindh city. In addition It is Pakistan’s primer center of Banking industries and trade. Many banking plaza in the capital of Sindh Karachi City:

Karachi Banking Towers

  • HBL Tower
  • The MCB Tower
  • UBL tower
  • Silk Bank Tower
  • Karachi-Banking-Towers

Hub of information and communications technology 

Karachi also well known as hub of information and communications technology. There is many national or international Software houses, call centers; foreign corporations have been targeted as a significant area of growing, with the government making efforts to reduce taxes by as much as 10% in order to achieve foreign investments from the IT sector that why Karachi is called the Hub

Televisions (TV) Radio Stations


Many of Pakistan’s self-governing television and radio stations are based in the capital of Sindh, Karachi, including

  • KTN Sindhi Channel
  • Sindh TV Sindhi Channel
  • Business Plus Urdu Channel
  • AAJ News Urdu Channel
  • Geo TV Urdu Channel
  • CNBC Pakistan Urdu Channel
  • TV ONE Urdu Channel
  • ARY Digital Urdu Channel
  • Indus Television Network Urdu Channel
  • Samaa TV  Urdu Channel
  • Dawn News Urdu Channel
  • Dharti TV Sindhi Channel
  • Mehran TV Sindhi Channel
  • Kashsh TV Sindhi Channel
  • Etc.

Industrial and Business Zone Karachi Capital of Sindh

In Capital of Sindh, Karachi has several large industrial zones such as

  • Karachi Export Processing Zone
  • SITE, Korangi
  • Northern Bypass Industrial Zone
  • Bin Qasim
  • North Karachi
  • Textiles industry in Karachi
  • Pharmaceuticals, steel
  • Automobiles.
  • Cottage industry

The Karachi Expo Centre 

The Karachi Expo Centre hosts many different local and international demonstrations / exhibitions. There are many different development national or international projects proposed, approved and under construction in Karachi.

 Fashion, Shopping and entertainment in Karachi 

Karachi is well known as city of light, the city night of Karachi is best in the Pakistan. Actually, we say that almost every day events are held in Karachi ranging from fashion shows, concerts, or even small gigs at local cafes.

Karachi has always been active in organizing large occasions Karachi continues to host many different cultural and fashion shows. The capital of Sindh, Karachi’s superfluity

Shopping place in Karachi  

Shopping malls in the Clifton

  •  Tariq Road
  • Gulshan-e-Iqbal
  •  Hyderi shopping
  • Park Towers
  • The Forum,
  • Dolmen Mall
  • Millenium Mall.
  • Zamzama Boulevard

Important Bazaar in Karachi 

  • Bohri Bazaar,
  • Soldier Bazaar,
  • Urdu Bazaar.

Karachi Foreign clothes brands and famous Pakistani fashion labels

  • Amir Adnan
  • Aijazz
  • Rizwan Beyg
  • Deepak Perwani
  • Shayanne Malik
  • Maria B
  • Khaadi

Karachi ,

Capital of Sindhi Famous Footwear / Shoes

  • Sputnik Footwear
  • Metro Shoes
  • English Boot House
  • Cotton & Cotton
  • Men’s Store
  • Junaid Jamshed)

The newly built shopping center in Karachi

Port Grand Food, Entertainment Complex is located at Port of Karachi near the Native Jetty Bridge.

 Education in Karachi

Education in Karachi
Education in Karachi

Karachi is the best-educated city of Pakistan; Karachi is the top literacy rate along with a gross enrollment ratio of 111%, the highest in Sindh province.

In Karachi Education divide into five levels

  • Primary (From class one to class five);
  • Middle (From class six to class eight);
  • High (From class nine to class ten, leading to the Secondary School Certificate);
  • Intermediate (From class eleven to class twelve, leading to a Higher Secondary School Certificate);
  • University Level Program (Leading to graduate and advanced degrees.
  • All above level of education in Karachi has both public and private educational institutions. Al Most educational institutes are gender-based, from primary to university level.

Some Oldest Educational Institute of Karachi

Karachi Grammar School 

One institute that is one of the oldest school in Pakistan. From KGS many business man Pakistani and politician take education form this school.

NJV (he Narayan Jagannath High School )

It is another oldest educational institute it was opened in 1855, was the first government school established in Sindh.

Other schools schools are

  • Hamdard Public School
  • EBAy School chools
  • ARMY Public School(APS)
  • Army other well-known
  • include Public School (C.O.D.)
  • Public school
  • British Overseas School, for Advanced Studies
  • Bay View Academy
  • Generations School
  • Karachi American School
  • Aga Khan Higher Secondary School
  • The Froebel Education Centre (FEC)
  • The Paradise School and College
  • Grand Folk’s English School
  • Habib Public School
  • AL-Murtaza School
  • Mama Parsi Girls Secondary School
  • V. S. Parsi High School
  • Civilizations Public School
  • The Oasys School
  • Avicenna School
  • The Lyceum School
  • Ladybird Grammar School
  • The City School
  • ABC Public School
  • Beacon house School System
  • The Educators schools
  • Sultan Mohamed Shah Aga Khan School
  • Shahwilayat Public School
  • Springfield School
  • St Patrick’s High School
  • St Paul’s English High School
  • St Joseph’s Convent School
  • St Jude’s High School
  • St Michael’s Convent School
  • Foundation Public School,Aisha Bawanay Academy
  • Karachi Gems School
  • Aga Khan School Kharadar
  • St Peter’s High School
  •  Chiniot Islamia School
  • The City schools Network
  • The Smart Schools
  • Etc.

Some Facts about Karachi

  • Karachi is consists of one region with six Districts detail mentioned
  • Karachi city glories, its growing the mixed populations of economic and political migrants all around the Pakistan other province even other countries refugees from different national, language and religious origins who have largely come to settle here (Karachi) permanently.
  • Karachi is city where Quaid –e- Azam Muhammad Ali (founder of Pakistan) birth and death place.
  • Karachi held the first time night hockey match between India and Pakistan in 1986 at Hockey Club of Pakistan Stadium.
  • Karachi city is the financial and commercial center of Pakistan
  • Karachi is two important regional seaports, one is Karachi port and second is Muhammad Bin Qasim port Karachi.
  • Karachi has 26 universities name given
  •  Karachi has a modern international airport called the Jinnah International Airport
  • Karachi railway connects to the rest of Pakistan.
  • There are many national cricket stadium in Karachi
  • There are one Hokey Club of Pakistan Stadium.

Sindh Province consists of six regions

  • Karachi Region
  • Hyderabad Region
  • Shaheed Benazir Abad Region
  • Sukkur Region
  • Larkana Region

Mirpurkhas Region

Karachi has six districts:

  • District South
  • District East
  • District West
  • District Central
  • District Malir
  • District Keamari

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