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Best Schools in Karachi

Best Schools in Karachi With Web Directory
Best Schools in Karachi | With Web Directory

Best Schools in Karachi 

Education is the basic and Fundamental right of every human being. Education is to provide skills, manners to man. Education plays an important role in the development or growth of a country.

Best Schools in Karachi | With Web Directory

Education is very much needed in today’s world. As Karachi is one of the most populous and educated cities in Pakistan, it has some of the best schools in all of Pakistan.

Education is definitely one of the greatest achievements of mankind. In today’s competitive world, it is almost impossible to survive without proper education.

High fees create problems | Selecting Best schools in Karachi

However, school fees make it difficult for everyone to get a good education. But parents are not ready to make any compromise to get their children good and good education from the best schools.

List of Best Schools in Karachi | Top 5 Best Schools in Karachi

 Karachi Public School

For updated fee structure, address, contact number C and branches and other related information

Visit:  https://kps.edu.pk/

Karachi American School

For updated fee structure, address, contact number C and branches and other related information

Visit Link


Happy Palace Grammar School

Visit for Update Link:


C.A.S. School

For updated fee structure, address, contact number C and branches and other related information : top best schools in Karachi all time

Visit: Link https://cas.edu.pk

British Overseas School


Mama Parsi School

Mama Parsi Girls’ Higher Secondary School

Best schools in Karachi with fees please click on link given


Top 10 Best schools in Karachi

Generation’s School Karachi


Bay View High School Karachi


Foundation Public School


The International School Karachi


V. S. Parsi High School


St Patrick’s High School Karachi


The City School


British Overseas School

Web link:


Dawood Public School


Centre for Advanced Studies


List of Top 2o Best Schools in Karachi

Beacon House School System


Partick’s High School


Falcon house Grammar School


Joseph’s Convent School


Lyceum School


Top 30 Best schools in Karachi for Study

White House Grammar School


The Avecenna School


Karachi Grammar School


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Select best affordable schools in Karachi all schools detail in given.

Center for Advance Studies (C.A.S)

More Detail click here: https://cas.edu.pk

Frobel Education Center

More Detail click here: https://froebels.edu.pk

Ladybird Grammar School

More Detail click here: http://ladybirdgrammarschool.com

The American Foundation Cambridge School

More Detail click here: http://www.tafs.edu.pk

The OASYS School

More Detail click here: http://www.oasis.org.pk

Habib Public School/Habib Girls School

More Detail click here: https://www.habibschools.edu.pk

Froebel Education Centre

Click Here https://froebels.edu.pk

Haque Academy

More Detail click here: https://www.haqueacademy.edu.pk

Bai Virbaiji Soparivala (BVS)

Web Address: https://www.bvsparsischool.edu.pk

Convent of Jesus and Mary

Web Link for Visit: http://cjmk.edu.pk

Centre for Advanced Studies

Web Link: https://cas.edu.pk

Froebel Education Center

More Detail click Here : https://froebels.edu.pk

The Avicenna School

School web Access: https://avicenna.edu.pk

 The OASYS School

Web Address: http://www.oasis.org.pk

Happy Home School

Click here for more detail: https://hhs.edu.pk

Chiniot Islamia School

Best School Link https://chiniotschool.edu.pk

Usman Public School System

Click here: https://usman.edu.pk

St. Paul’s English High School

Web location: http://www.stpauls.edu.pk

Beacon Askari School System

Web Link: https://beaconaskari.weebly.com

Education Bay (EBAY)

Web Address: https://ebs.edu.pk

Candle Light Secondary School

Web address link Click here for more information: https://www.candlelightsomal.org

Clifton Grammar Junior & Senior School

Web Link: https://www.cliftongrammar.edu.pk

 F.J. Grammar School

Web Link: http://fjgrammar.edu.pk

Elysium School System

Web Address link more detail click here: https://elysium.edu.pk

Sindh Education Foundation SEF schools

Web Link https://www.sef.org.pk

Pak-Turk Maarif International Schools –

Web Address: https://pk.maarifschool.org

Public School Gadap


Must read Technical Education in Karachi 



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