Computer and Parts of computer

Computer and Parts of computer with types
Computer and Parts of computer with types

Computer and Parts of computer with types and daily usage?

Computer is an electronic device. Computer perform complex calculation and to perform multiple task, which are not only difficult but also impossible for human mind to accomplish effectively. Computer machine is one of the best inventions of modern technology in the world.

Computer and Parts of computer

The four basic parts of computer that are as under

  • CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

Now we define each part separately given below:

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

CPU stands for Central processing Unit. CPU is known as the baring of computer, which is process, all functions. Like human.

Computer and Parts of computer Monitor

The monitor is a softcopy output device of computer or we can say that Monitor is softcopy output device, which show results on screen. Though monitor screen produce the output or other words we can say that monitor show / produce the results as output. On the other hand, other words we can processed data results display the screen is called monitor.  

Computer and Parts of computer Keyboard

The Keyboard is standard / basic input device of computer. Though this device user/operator (User: a person who entry or feed the data) into the computer. Or other words, we can say that keyboard is used to feed the raw data like (capital alphabetic (A to Z) / small alphabetic (A to Z), special symbols like

(! @, #, $, %, ^&, *, (), {}, [], Logical or arithmetic’s symbolic etc.)

 Standard key board have 102 keys.

Types of Keyboard

  • Multimedia Keyboard
  • Mechanical Keyboard
  • Wireless Keyboard
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • USB Keyboard
  • Ergonomic Keyboard
  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • Gaming Keyboard
  • Chiclet Keyboard
  • Membrane Keyboard
  • Thumb Keyboard
  • Flexible Keyboard
  • Laptop Sized Keyboard
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Magic Keyboards
  • Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Chorded Keyboard

Types of Keys in a Keyboard:

  • Alphabet Keys
  • Number Keys
  • Special Keys
  • Function Keys
  • Navigation Keys

Mouse Parts of Computer:

Mouse is pointing input device. Mostly mouse are use in graphical programs and feed data in the computer. Mouse enter and pointing input device. Mouse are input device, which, are used to give commands.

The mouse is pointing input part of computer also known as a pointing device of a computer. Its core function to enable user interface with the monitor screen of the computer as like the keyboard. A mouse is a pointing input device commonly used in graphical software that connected to a computer for controlling the cursor on the screen.

The mouse detects the control when it is moving it along on the flat surface on which it is located, as well as by pressing the buttons that located on the top surface of the device and scrolling the wheel, which, as a rule, is located between the control buttons. In this way, it issues various commands and information to the computer to perform certain actions, which the CPU interprets it and, thus, the mouse pointer imitates the movement on the computer screen.

Types of Mouse Parts of Computer

Types of Mouse

Some type of mouse have a Laser Light or some mouse have a rubber ball attached below it. When the computer mouse moves on a surface, the rubber ball rotates or laser light also moves. The speed and way of the mouse convert into the monitor’s screen cursor, this is how the mouse works.

The mouse is sited on the Mouse Pad, for controlling the cursor. By Right-Clicking, Left-Clicking, Dragging, scrolling, Double Clicking. By using the mouse, we can do basic tasks on the computer like picking, opening, erasing the files and folders, etc.

  • Optical Mouse
  • Gaming Mouse
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Types of Wireless Mouse
  • Laser Mouse
  • Trackball Mouse
  • Ergonomic Mouse
  • 3D Mouse
  • Mechanical Mouse
  • Roller Bar Mouse
  • Finger Mouse
  • Pen Mouse (Stylus)

Daily usage of Computer

A Computer has not only processing input and out device. It passes control and arithmetic unit and memory unit and memory unit, which stores data. Connect with some other peripheral devices like printers, speakers and camera can. All these are out device. In this digital modern world computer are used in many important place in our life. It has made our work easy and quickly. Computer saves lot of our time and reduces our more efforts.

Importance of computer in daily life

In Up-to-date world computers on a regular basis in our life, it is very important. In principle, in daily life computer is used to concert raw fast and data into meaning information and knowledge. Computer Science is explored and challenged by human daily.

The computer is like an electronic magical device for our life and that is why to understand computers and technology it’s importance to learn basic commuter skills and fundamentals of computer. so that you can take advantage of commuter’s and technology in your life, career and business.

Computers are now a fact. Computer have produced a very in effect information system to help modernize the controlling of an organization. Computer is very importance tools for our life.

Where computers are used?

Computer are used in the following places

  • Business
  • Educational sector
  • (Schools, Colleges, Universities) all public and private 
  • Healthcare
  • Retail and Trade
  • Government
  • Marketing
  • Science
  • Publishing
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Communication
  • Banking and Finance
  • Transport
  • Agriculture
  • Navigation
  • Working from Home
  • Military
  • Social
  • Booking Vacations
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Security and Surveillance Defense
  • Robotics
  • Offices
  • Bans
  • Hospital
  • Railways stations
  • Educational institute
  • Etc.

Use of Computer

Commuter are used to enter information and store them. Computers are also used for entertainment filed like computer Games, Watching and listening to Music.

Computer helping Machine Computer and Parts

Students can use it for their assignments, presentations and search information about different topics.

Computer is a wonderful gift of science created by man to help making.

Laptop computer and desktops computer are forms of computers that are ruling the world today and these has definitely changed the life style of people and status of developing countries.

Other Computer parts in detail computers

 The computer is commonly used device in modern days or other worlds we can that computer is one of the most multipurpose and helpful discovery for humankind. Its enormous capacity/ value to process data makes it a important part of the progress of the world. Here is some basic parts of computer make possible to process and complete the task at amazing speed.

If you were even a little acquainted with the computer, then you would know that the computer is not a single part or device. Rather, a computer is a system in which different parts work together as a group and give us best result.

These vital parts of computer make this likely to work more controlling for every day’s work. This article will focus more on hardware parts of computer pictures that are “vital” for the proper functioning of a computer.

Computer and Parts of computer

  • Motherboard
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • Power Supply
  • Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  • Video Card
  • Solid-State Drive (SSD)
  • Optical Disc Drive (e.g. BD drive, DVD drive, CD drive)
  • Card Reader (e.g. SD, SDHC)
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Printer
  • Speakers
  • External Hard Drive
  • Desktop Image Scanner
  • Projector
  • Joystick
  • Headphones
  • USB Flash Drive

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