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Global Education Loses In Current Pandemic Situation Covid-19

As we known that, today, worldwide are facing the big problem, which is coronavirus. Closure of school and stopping of educational actives in school / institute due to covid-19 pandemic globally. Serious issues of educational of   losses are facing by all over the world.

Google Classroom Tool use to Overcome Learning Issues 

To overcome the issues of educational loses decencies on digital learning / distance learning is the need of time. Globally / internationally several applications / solution are available either free or charge or paid application. Amongst them Google classroom is one of the most popular and User friendly which full fill the requirement of teachers, students schools administration as well as parents.

What is Google Classroom?

Just think back to the teachers of the past. I know there were those who were extremely organized and some who had a hard time finding the top of their desk most of the day. Google classroom is very organized teachers had a place where we found the work we needed, where we could turn our work around, got a streamlined process to give quick feedback on our work, and our work always seemed to be valued quickly

With the help, Google Classroom create / design schedule   an online classroom area in which they can organize the documents for their students need. Documents are saved to Google Drive and it can be easily and quickly edited in Drive apps, such as

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets

However, what makes Classroom Google Classroom a regular Google Drive experience is the teacher / student interface, which is Google designed in a way that teachers and students think and act.

What does Google Classroom do?

Google Classroom is the technology good platform or other words, we say that google classroom is interface between you and Google Drive and provides a teacher / student friendly way to handle classroom documents. Here is what you can do with Google Classroom:

  • Make assignments
  • Make announcements
  • Store classroom materials
  • Allow students to good interact:

Make assignments: Teacher should create assignment with the help of google classrooms to provide homework assignments for the students. When a teacher create an assignment, teacher upload the necessary documents for students to read or work with. Students should receive an email notification automatic. After that, Students will go in when the assignments are completed, and the teacher can then grade the assignments.

Make announcements: With the help of google class announcements features Teacher have a quick announcement for the whole class student that can quickly type the announcement, which is e-mailed to all your students in the class.

Store classroom materials: In this feature teacher, prepare documentary documents that can outline. Teachers can outline any other object document to appear on Google.

Allow students to good interact: In this feature of Google classroom Students have the ability to comment on given assignments and announcements, as well as e-mail each other through the classroom interface.

Some more features of Google classrooms

  • Offers a single-stop website where the students can access easily and quickly their given any assignments.
  • Google classrooms provide conjunction with students who are in the classroom. The teacher can share the same resources such as
  • Notes
  • Videos, etc…

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  • Google classroom features that teacher can post a specific topic for discussion and that topic student can share comments, opinions, thoughts on the post
  • As per students’ concern that can collaborate and discuss from their different galley tables or computers in the same room.

What are the best features of Google classroom?


    • Assignments
    • Communication
    • Originality Report
    • Archive course
    • Mobile applications

  • YouTube videos
  • Google Forms survey

What are the best features of Google classroom?

  • Set School logo and theme .
  • Reprocess assignments, tests, course content in future classes.
  • Add assignments ,content to, such as
  • Video
  • PDFs
  • Google Docs
  • Google Forms survey.
  • Sharing videos, images from other websites with pupils

5 Important Google Classroom Features for Teachers

  • Reorder class cards.
  • Decimal is grading.
  • Transfer class ownership.
  • Display class code.
  • Single view of student work
Some other best features of Google classroom
  • Customizable Grading System:
  • Total Points Grading:
  • Weighted by Category Grading
  • No Overall Grade
  • Virtual Discussions:
  • Announcements
  • Live Classes

Announces New Features in Google Classroom 2021

New-Updated-Features-of- Google Classroom
New-Updated-Features-of- Google Classroom


  • Easy Drag & Drop feature On The Classwork Page
  • Refreshed Ux
  • Updated Training & Support
Previous Changes to Google Classroom Prior To 2020-2021 School Year
  • Post Questions
  • Reuse Assignments
  • Improved Calendar Integration
  • Bump a post
  • Due dates optional
  • Link / attach a Google Form to a post
  • YouTube Functionality

Google classroom cost

The cost of Google classroom or price of Google classroom in World – Google classroom price in Pakistan as under. Google classrooms price divided into

  • Google Workspace for Education Standard: Only 3 $ cost per pupils or students with all features.
  • Teaching and Learning Upgrade – only $4 cost per license, per month with all features
  • Google Workspace for Education Plus – Only 5$ cost for student per years with all features

10 Benefits of Google Classroom Integration

  • Exposure

  • Paperless
  • Time Saver
  • Communication
  • Collaborate
  • Engagement.
  • Differentiation.
  • Easy understand

10 Reasons Why Google Classroom is a Great Tool for Teachers

  • Exposure of Digital online learning tool / platform
  • Essay understood and easy to access materials
  • No paper use
  • No fear to loss work
  • Full Interactive or full engagement
  • Simple to use
  • Good collaboration between students and teachers
  • All kinds of apps are available like mobile app, Android device or for iPhone devices
  • Cost-effective and better for the environment
  • Data Analysis

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