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New Pakistan Technical and Vocational Education A Key To Success For

Standards for education

Standards are published documents that set out specifications, procedures and guidelines that are designed with the aim of ensuring appropriate quality and reliability of products or a service.

Standards make it possible to evaluate and compare the product, process and / or services for which they have been developed. Standards provide the basis of and determine the direction and purpose of products and processes to achieve desired outcomes. Therefore, standards serve an important role in aligning input and processes in achieving the desired outcomes.  

In this context of education standards are the specifications or yardsticks for the input, process and outcomes of an education system. There is a combination of resources (input) and processes, skill to create learning (outcomes).

National standards

Pakistan has faced many challenges in its journey to bridge the categorical divide between a developing nation and a developed nation. Education has been a fundamental focus in this endeavor, but has yet to reach a level of excellence despite systemic efforts made to establish a cohesive and comprehensive structure of learning.

Introduction new Pakistan technical and vocational education

For new Pakistan technical and vocational education, (TVET) is a key to success for Pakistan. Pakistan currently has the largest number of young people in its history. As per the report of the United Nations Development Program, which was recently published. According to a report, in Pakistan 64 percent of the total population is below the age of 30.

In simple word if we ask simple, question that

Which is the second youngest country in South Asia?

The answer is Pakistan. In South Asia, Pakistan is the second youngest country after Afghanistan. Pakistan is one of the youngest in the world.


  • The youth of Pakistan is facing unique challenges, especially in unemployment, one of the big challenges facing.  As well as opportunities for the country’s social and economic progress.
  • Pakistan is still facing problems in providing good education in terms of technical and vocational education and training (TVET).

Role of Technical and Vocational education

  • Technical and vocational education play a vital role in the development and progress of Pakistan as well as any country.
  • In addition, Technical & Vocational education play a vital role in reducing unemployment. Unemployment is a big problem in any country, especially in Pakistan, which is increasing day by day in Pakistan.
  • Technical and vocational education should use an effective development and implementation strategy for TVET to harness its young potential.

Problem in Technical and Vocational education

  • Pakistan faces a number of problems in the Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET). According to the government, the Education Department the dropout rates at primary and secondary levels have increased to more than 35% all around Pakistan.

Dropout rate of Pakistan

Technical-and-Vocational- Dropout
Technical-and-Vocational- Dropout

Pakistan has one of the highest dropout rates in the world. 41% in primary school level 

 How many students are out of school in Pakistan?

22.8 million Children are dropouts in Pakistan or in other words we can say that (OOSC) out of school children have the second largest number of students out of school as reported by UNICEF. Out of schoolchildren, represent 44% of the total population age of 5 to 16 years. The main reason behind the drop out (OOSC) out of schoolchildren in Pakistan some given as under:

  • Bad Influence
  • Academic Difficulty
  • Family and Socio-Economic Needs
  • Poor family
  • Poor Health
  • Retention
  • Disengagement
  • Transition
  • Education System
  • In complete Facilities in education system
  • Multi subjects
  • Out of focus
  • Not practical  work
  • Not proper learning skill provides

 How many Technical and vocational Education (TVET) training institutes in Pakistan?

Ans is In Pakistan, have only about 4000 Technical and Vocational Education Training TVET institutes in Pakistan. TVET

 Technical and vocational Education (TVET) Challenges

  •   Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) have a limited capacity as they can accommodate only half a million trainees. In Pakistan unemployment of youth is increasing as per estimated at 1.5 million.
  • TVET (Technical and Vocational Education Training) institutes have outdated programs and value of degree because Technical and vocational Education Training (TVET) institutes only provide the diploma certificate. The more youth prefer general higher education and they want to get a degree instead of a diploma certificate to vocational education.
  •  Lack of linkage between the industries and Technical and vocational Education Training institute (TVET) skills required jobs.
  • One of the other major issues facing the TVET (Technical and vocational Education Training) is lack of concentration.

Women’s participation is very limited because of shortage of trainers 

Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) Value world level

 Pakistan should learn lesson from the developed countries which is focus on the TVET (Technical and vocational Education training) and growth the economies. Such those countries:

  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Switzerland

They have transformed their economies through the focusing on TVET (Technical and vocational training) institutes. These above countries lead the world in terms of technical advancement and workforce development. 

Take Major Decesion for Technical and Vocational Training (TVET)

  • The Pakistan government should focus on an urgent basis or take measures in order to quicken the performance of TVET (Technical and vocational Education Training) system in Pakistan.
  • The first and fastest step the government of Pakistan should take is to increase or open more TVET institutes with new and latest technology courses as per trend throughout Pakistan (Federal level and Provincial level).
  • To increase funds for TVET (Technical and vocational training) institutes and introduce the skill based program and training schemes throughout the Pakistan (federal and provincial) level budgets.
  • Introduce the practical based programs for youth and special for female
  • The Government of Pakistan should introduce TVET graduates level degree program instead of the diploma level program and also open the proper university for the TEVT programs in each Federal and provincial level. Technical graduates can get easy access to job opportunities in the government and public sector as well.
  •  Government of Pakistan creates linkage industries, public and private (Large, medium and small)  engage in the development of technical education. The industry plays a main role as a key stakeholder in order to provide jobs for technical people.

The above-mentioned some suggestions regarding the TVET will not only improve the vocational and training education system but also help to decrease unemployment and increase the earning capacity of our youth. They will play an important role in the development as well as on the socio-economic level of the country.

Government Programs in technical and vocational education training

Government Pakistan currently focuses on technical and vocational training programs. The government of Pakistan has initiated massive reforms in the technical education system. The Prime Minister Imran Khan has a special focus on developing Pakistan’s human capital through technical education and training. The vision of prime minister Imran Khan to reduce unemployment. Pakistan government starts many programs under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan like

  • Kamyab Jawan
  • Youth Empowerment Program

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