Top 10 WordPress Plugin 2021

Top-10-WordPress-Plugins IviewPakistan
Top-10-WordPress-Plugins IviewPakistan

Top 10 WordPress Plugin 2021

WordPress is a CMS system. CMS stands for Content Management System based system. It is very popular nowadays. WordPress has more than 55,000 plugins recorded in the WordPress official.  Today I discuss with you Top 10 different plugins that you can use for your website that are very special for you. Most importantly. I am defining how you can benefit your websites.

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Top 10 plugins that share you some of them are totally free and a couple of them are totally free. Some of them do have upgraded or paid versions. Let us go and discus

Top Ten WordPress Plugin 2021 Start 
  1. Elementor Plugin One


If you are facing problem regarding making your website, look and you are working on WordPress. Now you want to develop good-looking dashboard of your website do not worry about it. I strongly recommended you that you use ELEMENTOR WordPress Plugin. Elementor plugin is actually is web page builder tool that help you proper way to give look better way in your website. Elementor is tool just Dargan   and drop. Another thing that is Elementary has also have free version. I really love this

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WordPress plugin it has simple front-end page builder editor has different templates. With help of Elemntor Plugin, you can design or develop with a couple of hours honestly speaking Just try once.


2.Analytify Plugin Two


This our next plugin from top 1o best plugin is Analytify. Analytify WordPress plugin is used for tracking the website traffic just like google Analytics. Analytify plugin is  going to connect with your google analytics account to display / show you your real-time traffic people who are on your website and where from it mean location of visitor at that moment. It is the best tool for monitoring your website. Using this plugin one thing is to be assured that your website is connecting with your google analytics.


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3.Yoast SEO Plugin One 

Yoast Best SEO plugin for WordPress free

Yoast SEO plugin this very important plugin. IT is better for optimizing your website SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization) YOAST SEO plugin it is very important to understand / know that with your website to rank in Google or BING or Yahoo or other search engines.

If we want to index (it means rank) your web site in google search engine or Another search engine like Yahoo, BING etc. it is very important to you that you  understand search engine optimization. Search Engine optimizations essentially part to get your website or your blog article to the top of Google ranking or another search engine. Yoast SEO plugin tools help to do that and it makes it a lot easier.

Top Ten WordPress Plugin : Yoast

Yoast makes it easy for you to do things like control titles of you web site and meta descriptions of your website, set your targeted keywords, tags and track how often you are using them, manage sitemaps, It also Take control over how your pages show up social media accounts like in Google, Facebook and Twitter etc. It also avoids mystifying Google with duplicate content, by the help of setting canonical URLs.  YOAST SEO plugin is easily integrated with Elementor page builder tools, which are more than 6 million, and are used all around the world.

Yoast SEO Plugin Top Ten WordPress Plugin


4.Constant Contact Plugin

This Official constant contact plugin helping you to collect some emails, and it also help to capture visitor information. It best for when we want to looking to collect the emails, some contact information, visitor feedback and it helps in forms with data fields.  It helps to capturing the emails for Email marketing.


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5.Ithemes Security

iThemes Security is a one of superb security plugin for WordPress all kind of users iThemes  one is very important. It is  having some type of security on your website. The iThemes Security plugin (previously known as Better WP Security) is one of the more notable ways to protect your website, with over 30 different offerings to prevent things like hacks and unwanted intruders. It has a solid focus on identifying plugin vulnerabilities, outdated software, and weak passwords.

Best Plugin for WordpPess : Top Ten WordPress Plugin

When we use iTheme Security WordPress plugin  we can end up having certain vulnerabilities and itheme security also can help us sort of link up those loose ends sort of making sure that we are fortified stop hackers and scammers. If you want to block the ip address of those hakkers or scammers or Black list certain countries. If you live in Pakistan and you don’t want to open you website outside from the country you can control all of these simple using the feature of IThemes security WordPress plugin.


6. Pretty Links

Pretty link WordPress plugin is premium plugin. Pretty Link plugin it makes easy to shorten, cloak, share, and even track your affiliate /connect links. Pretty links WordPress plugin is clean up your links. If you are, using links on in different website YouTube channel it makes easier. All can be done from the WordPress dashboard


7.WP forms Plugin

Another WordPress plugin is WP forms that are an amazing/ remarkable plugin. I think it is one of the most common installed plugins on WordPress of all time and for commonly used if you want to make a contact form or collecting data, make user registration or some kind of payment detail I think this WP form plugin is very useful for it.


8.Tidio (live chat) WordPress Plugin

Tidio (live chat) Plugin this WordPress plugin is very important plugin in situation of live chat. Let me explain more If you want to chat with your client or make live chat with other make chatting rooms in your website and you want to live chat with other members then this plugin is very helpful.  Let us think another example that maybe you want to have a live chat feature on your website 24/7 but obviously, you are maybe not around 24/7 unless you have people in many different continents answering on these live chats. But great about this is that it is essentially you can have canned replies and then maybe if this bot is not able to answer the person’s question. Other person submits their email they submit their inquiry. After that, you pick up that in the morning when you awaken up and you can answer their question for them.


9.Smush Plugin

Smush WordPress Plugin is very popular all around the words millions of people  download this plugin. Smush plugin perform May jobs like to reduce the size of your images so that we can have fast loading websitess. This is one of the biggest issue that we see people overlook when they are building websites. Image play a very important part in the web site so it must have the proper size of image. Smuch plugin is used for reduceing the size of or picture or images



Woo commerce is one of best free plugin and widely used of this WordPress Plugin. It is commonly used we any body want to create e-commerce store.  WooCommerce helps you build / design an eCommerce store using WordPress.


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