Days of Pakistan Independence Date


Pakistan’s Independence Day Date Future to Past  

Pakistan’s Independence Day comes on August 14 every year. In 2021, August 14, has on Saturday. On this day, all nation celebrate it. On Independence Day, from the government of Pakistan is declared as a public holiday.

Days of Pakistan Independence Date

In today’s article, we will mention day of Independence (Pakistan) – Pakistan Independence date day since from 1947 to 2021. In addition, future day of Pakistan independence date day from 2022 to 2050.

Past to Future Days of Pakistan Independence Date

Days of Pakistan Independence Date
Days of Pakistan Independence Date


Days of Pakistan Independence Date

14-Aug-1947 Thursday
14-Aug-1948 Saturday
14-Aug-1949 Sunday
14-Aug-1950 Monday
14-Aug-1951 Tuesday
14-Aug-1952 Thursday
14-Aug-1953 Friday
14-Aug-1954 Saturday
14-Aug-1955 Sunday
14-Aug-1956 Tuesday
14-Aug-1957 Wednesday
14-Aug-1958 Thursday
14-Aug-1959 Friday
14-Aug-1960 Sunday
14-Aug-1961 Monday
14-Aug-1962 Tuesday
14-Aug-1963 Wednesday
14-Aug-1964 Friday
14-Aug-1965 Saturday
14-Aug-1966 Sunday
14-Aug-1967 Monday
14-Aug-1968 Wednesday
14-Aug-1969 Thursday
14-Aug-1970 Friday
14-Aug-1971 Saturday
14-Aug-1972 Monday
14-Aug-1973 Tuesday
14-Aug-1974 Wednesday
14-Aug-1975 Thursday
14-Aug-1976 Saturday
14-Aug-1977 Sunday
14-Aug-1978 Monday
14-Aug-1979 Tuesday
14-Aug-1980 Thursday

1981 Days of Pakistan Independence Date

14-Aug-1981 Friday
14-Aug-1982 Saturday
14-Aug-1983 Sunday
14-Aug-1984 Tuesday
14-Aug-1985 Wednesday
14-Aug-1986 Thursday
14-Aug-1987 Friday
14-Aug-1988 Sunday
14-Aug-1989 Monday
14-Aug-1990 Tuesday
14-Aug-1991 Wednesday
14-Aug-1992 Friday
14-Aug-1993 Saturday
14-Aug-1994 Sunday
14-Aug-1995 Monday
14-Aug-1996 Wednesday
14-Aug-1997 Thursday
14-Aug-1998 Friday
14-Aug-1999 Saturday
14-Aug-2000 Monday
14-Aug-2001 Tuesday
14-Aug-2002 Wednesday
14-Aug-2003 Thursday
14-Aug-2004 Saturday
14-Aug-2005 Sunday
14-Aug-2006 Monday
14-Aug-2007 Tuesday
14-Aug-2008 Thursday
14-Aug-2009 Friday
14-Aug-2010 Saturday
14-Aug-2011 Sunday
14-Aug-2012 Tuesday
14-Aug-2013 Wednesday
14-Aug-2014 Thursday
14-Aug-2015 Friday
14-Aug-2016 Sunday
14-Aug-2017 Monday
14-Aug-2018 Tuesday
14-Aug-2019 Wednesday
14-Aug-2020 Friday
Current Pakistan Independence day date
14-Aug-2021 Saturday

Upcoming Days of Pakistan Independence Date

14-Aug-2022 Sunday
14-Aug-2023 Monday
14-Aug-2024 Wednesday
14-Aug-2025 Thursday
14-Aug-2026 Friday
14-Aug-2027 Saturday
14-Aug-2028 Monday
14-Aug-2029 Tuesday
14-Aug-2030 Wednesday
14-Aug-2031 Thursday
14-Aug-2032 Saturday
14-Aug-2033 Sunday
14-Aug-2034 Monday
14-Aug-2035 Tuesday
14-Aug-2036 Thursday
14-Aug-2037 Friday
14-Aug-2038 Saturday
14-Aug-2039 Sunday

Future Days of Pakistan Independence Date

14-Aug-2040 Tuesday
14-Aug-2041 Wednesday
14-Aug-2042 Thursday
14-Aug-2043 Friday
14-Aug-2044 Sunday
14-Aug-2045 Monday
14-Aug-2046 Tuesday
14-Aug-2047 Wednesday
14-Aug-2048 Friday
14-Aug-2049 Saturday
14-Aug-2050 Sunday

All about Days of Pakistan Independence Date Past to Future

14 August – The Indepednce day of Pakistan 

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