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Lesson plan – Components of teaching learning process

What is a Lesson Plan?

A lesson plan is a written document that some impotent outlines related to particular subject the content of your lesson. The lesson plan is a systematic list of tasks that students will start, to help guide your teaching.

A lesson plan is generally prepared teachers in advance. The lesson plan can one-off activity, an entire lesson, a unit or course, a day, or a week.

What is Included in a Lesson Plan?

Lesson plans actually include a schedule of activities that will convey in the lesson to the students in the classroom.

  • Lesson plan points include
  • Lesson activities
  • Lesson materials
  • Lesson objectives
  • Lesson goals
  • Lesson feedback

What are Steps of the lesson plan?

Lesson Plan Steps
Lesson Plan Steps

Six main steps in designing lesson plan

• Identify the learning objectives
• Plan the specific learning activities
• Plan to assess student understanding
• Lesson Plan sequence engaging and meaningful manner
• Create a realistic timeline
• Plan for a lesson closure.

What is Teaching, learning process?

Teaching and learning is a process that involves different variables. Assist with these variables as learners try to reach their goals and add new, unique, behaviors and abilities to their learning experiences. The purpose of the educational process is the transfer of knowledge, the development of competencies and attitudes, values ​​and attitudes.

Lesson Plan is vital components of teaching learning process.

The Proper classroom planning will keep teachers organized, on track while teaching thus allowing them to touch more, helps student’s rich objectives more easily, and manage less. The better prospered the teacher is, the more likely she / he will be able to handle whatever unexpectedly happiness is the lesson.

Effective lesson plan

The development interesting less takes a great deal of time and effort. As a new teacher recruitment must be loyal, committed, devoted to spending the all-period time in this endeavor. Therefore, writing your effective lesson plan will take a long time. Do not be despair- this will become quicker and easier as you begin to internalize all the information and skill that lie beneath a good plan.

Teacher Management efforts – Teaching Plan

All teachers (She/ He) should must be realize that they are not an islet unto themselves. The thinking of educational environment is the uniqueness of their schools should be the managing strength behind what takes place in the classroom. The school code of discipline, which should be reasonable, responsible and good, meaningful, must be reflected in every teacher’s classroom controlling efforts.

Development of Timetable of Teaching plan

Subject and /or class plan covering completely academic year activities by dividing into daily weekly and monthly activities. In simple words say that a good teacher (She/ He) must be developed a yearly planner / scheme of studies of a particular subject. Moreover, a good teacher (She/ He) prepares timetable according to the lesson plan.

For example effective Lesson Plan

Topics to cover with their timeline, timetable or other words, say that lesson plan must be prepared with in time-period.

Activities / events celebrations to be undertaken

  • Create learning environments
  • Mode of practical work,
  • Class work,
  • Homework
  • Task assignments is given time to time
  • Types and frequency of assessment to be used.
  • Development of effective lesson plan
  • Objectives student learning outcomes (SLOs) of curriculum.

  • Techniques/ tools for learning process
  • Re-source to be used / produced
  • Maintain teacher daily dairy
  • Activity to be performed
  • Delivery of a lesson Plans
  • Actual teaching learning process – Lesson Plan

Demonstration in classrooms with full energetic way and fully confident. Demonstration of lesson or during teaching time covers you lesson in story or deliver a lesson in story type (create a character) try to more interesting your lesson.

Assignment of objectives / SLOs

  • Making and making of test: It means take the test in written, verbal in the classrooms.
  • Take Feedback to students for improvement to their learning and test them, she / he catch your lesson or not if any student not understand you lesson then try repeat again.
  • Maintenance of records
  • Maintenance of student records through the attendance register (student attendance)
  • Students’ progress (cognitive, social health and other issues and proposal for solutions
  • Always prepare, encourage students for participating any other related to school activity  like sports week , debate completion, quiz completion , indoor or outdoor completion, cerebrating school events and  as well as  directed by school administration.
  • Liaison with colleagues, parents and other stakeholders: Meeting with student parents on regular basis any try to know about the student. On the other hand, Meeting / coordination with parent for process and attendance of the student.
  • Peer meeting with colleagues

Sample daily Lesson plan

  • Working day: Monday to Friday
  • Total working school hours: 5 Hours
  • Subject to be including in timetable: Math, English, Social studies, Sindhi, Urdu, Islamiat, Science
  • Hours of teaching for each subject:  Math, English, Social studies, Sindhi, Urdu, Islamiat, Science

Key Learning Areas Outcome for ECE

Sample Monday Lesson Plan

Time9:00 – 9:509:50 – 10:4010:40 – 11:0011:00 – 11:4011:40 – 12:2012:20 – 1:00
SubjectEnglishIslamiatSindhiUrduScienceSocial Studies


Some Method Create the learning environment

  • Create disciplined
  • Lead by example
  • Take your kids outside
  • Work together with children
  • Answer to child with polite way
  • Frequently ask questions form student
  • Give them answer in proper way
  • Give attention
  • Teach as act

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