Top Six programming languages of 2021


Top Six programming languages of 2021 to get jobs

In the article of Top Six programming languages of 2021. This year six programming languages are far above all the rest. I have the data to back it up. I went through every programming language in five different dimensions.

These dimensions of Top Six programing languages of 2021 are

  • Number of jobs- Top Six programming languages of 2021
  • Number of freelance jobs
  • Number of learning resources
  • How many people use it at work?
  • The trend of the language

Getting more or less popular over time, then gave every language a score and ranked them relative to each other. You will then be able to know where to focus your attention but first.

 For the number of jobs, we went to, which is one of the most popular job boards on the internet, then searched for language space developers. Indeed, the platform gives us some good an idea of top six programming language of 2021.

How many jobs overall there are for a specific language? Indeed .com is to be perfect and there are other job boards out there but it gives us some idea. How many jobs are out there to get an idea of demand for freelance developers? I did a similar thing where I went to upwork and then I searched for language space developers and this will give us a number of freelance jobs.

C ++ (Plus Plus) Top Six programming languages of 2021

 C plus c plus plus is Top Six programming languages of 2021 number is one C plus plus  is a low-level programming language with memory management. c plus plus is a superset of c so it’s like a c with more features and it’s also the best performing or fastest programming language. Which means it is written for software where every millisecond counts most browsers like chrome are programmed in c plus plus.  It is used for high frequency stock training and other low-level embedded systems where hardware is a constraint. The C plus plus had the second lowest jobs on indeed 10 000 and the lowest freelance jobs.  However, these numbers are not terrible. Keep in mind this is the top six of all programming languages out there. It also had the lowest answer count at 706 000 and it is the lowest overall use of the top six at 23.9 percent for last year. When we look at c plus plus at all three years use went down slightly in 2019 but has been flat in 2020.

  C# (C Sharp) Top Six programming languages of 2021

 C## (C sharp) is another C family language. C sharp is object oriented programming language with a lot in common with both c plus and c language. C sharp is very today commonly used with the framework. It is used a lot in mostly windows development and also c sharp is used in enterprise software. In gaming, development c sharp is on top for development of games of which you can use c-sharp for unity game development. C sharp is a number of different things and a variety of other different things. C sharp actually had more job count as compared to c plus plus at 20 000. However, it is around the same as the low amount of freelancing jobs as c plus plus.  

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) Top Six programming languages of 2021

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) Top Six programming languages of 2021
PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) Top Six programming languages of 2021

PHP (Personal Home Page) is open source programing language. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is server side programming language. Today PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is commonly used in development of web-based programing, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) really not that much worse than any other language.  PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is kind of the server site back-end language of the web but has in recent years lost a bit of market share to python language and JavaScript so much the internet is still written in php.

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) programming language is still a great number of jobs in the market.  PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is the second highest job oriented language. In the freelance count was at 406 which was the second highest of all which is what bumped it up into fourth place there is about 1.3 million this answers on stack overflow

 Python Top Six programming languages of 2021

Python Top Six programming languages of 2021
Python Top Six programming languages of 2021

Python langauge in Top Six programming languages of 2021 number is three.

Python is today widely used for in data science scripting and backend in web development. Python is also very popular in the A.I (artificial intelligence) field mean in the machine learning. Python is   is the best language to learn and get job. If we check the jobs statistic in Python language from indeed was around 25000 jobs. Which is the highest jobs in python language. Python is two in the freelance jobs. There are many jobs in freelance or in other words, we can have many freelance projects available in python language. It will be a very demanding language in 2021.   As per expect the stack overflow answer count is average at 1.6 million users which is good but not the best last. Python is a great choice for this to learn and get a chance to get jobs.

PHP (Personal Home Page) language I would recommend is python. The Python language is one of the most widely used and versatile languages out. There you can do a lot with a little amount of code.  There are numerous powerful libraries you just import into your program and start using so the language itself is powerful. Its super high in demand in the industry. Python number one language to learn currently now this may change over time in a few years there is always new languages that can pop up and become very popular but for currently in the near future, that is what I would recommend

 Java Top Six programming languages of 2021

The Java language is number in this list. Java is actually object oriented programing language. Java likes c sharp and c plus plus. Java has strong typing language, it means every variable needs a type and it is more secure java and also make it great for working  on in big professional teams. Which is why it is the choice of lot of large companies. Java has very good performance so can be effective in writing large number of back end applications.  One of the top languages out there for the past 20 years.  It is what put object-oriented programming on the map. Java language model code around just like real-world objects and although. It has lost some steam over .The past few years.  It is still widely used and high in demand. Both are actually very similar syntactically so it is very easy to switch from one language to the other. The main difference is java is a compiled language and python is an interpreted language. Now a language that is compiled first what it does is it takes the program and it converts it all into binary zeros and ones and then it runs the program. Whereas in interpreted languages. Interpreter translator work line by line, so it takes a line converts it to binary runs it takes the next line converts it runs it. Therefore, there are some performance advantages there.  

Lot of Java jobs and project available in market. Java freelance and project is available in the 

JavaScript Top Six programming languages of 2021

 JavaScript is in last Top Six programming languages of 2021 article.

java script you can use to do absolutely anything in 2020 and there is so many reasons it is the best. JavaScript language, is used widely in web site, mobile application development, JavaScript for front-end so that is code that will execute code in the browser it is also the base of front-end frameworks like react angular  not only that but JavaScript’s used on the back-end with the node and Deno runtimes. JavaScript is also rivals python for having the best library.  Another popular one is going to be react native which is created by Facebook and it uses JavaScript, so if you already know JavaScript or if you already know react it should be an easy framework.

Additionally, JavaScript is the base foundation for being. Top Six programming languages of 2021.


  • shopify

Huge number of jobs are available in in javascript language.

Above all Top Six programming languages of 2021.

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